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Mo-City History

The story of MCSL-Alumni

In 1988, former members of the now inactive Galana Park Alumni Chapter decided to form a new entity. It was this dream of a service oriented chapter that inspired 21 members of Kappa Alpha Psi, search to form a new chapter in Missouri City Texas. Chartered on August 6, 1988, the Missouri City Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was born as a regional member of the Southwestern Province (See the charter line members below).

The chapter’s first administration included Reginald Randolph serving as Polemarch, Daniel Symns as Vice-Polemarch, Stephen LaBohne as Keeper of Records, and Eugene Daniels as Keeper of Exchequer.

With Services expanding to cover all of northeast Fort Bend County, expressly, Missouri City and Sugar Land alike, the chapter was renamed the Missouri City-Sugar Land Alumni Chapter by Grand Board of Directors mandate, in January of 2007 and thus fulfilling the Constitution of Kappa Alpha Psi for Alumni chapters and thereby, being named after the cities in which we live and serve.

CharterMembers of MCSL

Reginald Randolph
Eugene Daniels
Kenneth Killings
John Lewis
Willie Alexander
John Clemons
Carlton J. Walker
Daniel Symns
Lloyd Hicks
Delton Arnic
Wilbur Morgan
Charlie Philips
Gerald McElvy
Odeffie Williams*
Stephen LaBohne
Willard Taylor
Mark A. Johnson*
William Case
Sherwin Collins*
Ronald Harris
Byron Laws*
Chapter Invisible *

Past Polemarchs

Reginald Randolph, Served from 1988-1990
Stephen LaBohne, Served from 1990-1992
Mike Smith, Served from 1992-1994
Melvin Guider, Served from 1994-1996
Albert Powell, Served from 1996-2000
Sheldan Perry, Served from 2000-2004
Terence Johnson, Served from 2004-2008
James H. Wilson III, Served from 2008-2010
Jarvis Thomas, Served from 2010-2012
Haroon Taylor Jr., Served from 2012-2014
Richard Spencer II, Served from 2014-2016
Will Walker, Served from 2016 - 2018
Fred Navarre, Served from 2018 - 2020
Sherard Hooper, Current Polemarch